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There seems to be plenty of news about 529s in the new year.  However, a couple websites have been promoting the goals of 529 College Saving for a long time. looks like the goto for state run/direct plans.  The board is comprised of state treasurers and there is a great FAQ page
One great tip is to transfer "disappearing expenses" into a 529.  

What are disappearing expenses? They are those temporary costs in your family’s budget. Preschool is a large disappearing expense. If your child is starting kindergarten this fall, transform those former day care or preschool costs into regular contributions to their 529 account. Those dollars you’ve prioritized for pre-K education can then support your child’s college education.

Other disappearing expenses include paying off a car loan, medical and credit card bills, or even your own student loans. As you know, it’s far cheaper to save now than pay off loans later.

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